Great Geezer Getaway II

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  Welcome to the blog of The Great Geezer Getaway Guys! ...we want to hear from you.
We’re two young-at-heart “older” guys – Geezers, if you will! Larry’s 75, Dave’s 70. We first met in January, 2008.
We’re retired widowers, were married to great ladies for 45 years and we each have one fantastic daughter the same age! We sing authentic barbershop harmony in the same chorus! And, of course, we’re best pals!
We enjoy exploring new places together and taking lots of photos. Our first major outing in 2010 was dubbed The Great Geezer Getaway. We had this same blog for that trip and refreshed it for this repeat adventure, appropriately named The Great Geezer Getaway II.
We’re told that what we’re doing at our tender ages is rare...some compare us to “The Odd Couple”, although we live only 15 minutes apart. Folks say we’re an inspiration to elderly gents, who may not have the wanderlust bug eating away at their imaginations...but secretly wish they did! Ya think?
We like doing new things that help us laugh and have fun – often on the spur or the moment in the healthy outdoors. Maybe our “Geezer symptoms” are contagious...if so, that’s another reason for this blog.
This site is for all the world’s Geezers wanting to sidestep loneliness, illness, hospitals, “assisted living” and “rest homes”! Anyone relatively fit can do what we do solo, with a “best pal” or by following along on our adventures sharing our Geezer experiences online.
The bottom-line: get out and do something, hopefully with someone. Remember: even Geezers can rule! Good health, think young and always be happy! – D&L


Dave and Larry on the Road

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